Please Send Money, 2E: A Financial Survival Guide for Young Adults on Their Own

The average student loan debt has reached almost $20,000. Credit card debt continues to rise at staggering levels.Please Send Money provides young adults with the tools they need to navigate the tumultuous world of personal finance with smart advice from leading expert Dara Duguay, Director of Citigroup's Office of Financial Education. Dozens of eye-opening, real-life stories chronicle the financial mistakes commonly made by young people and present an array of solutions. Duguay covers topics including:--Avoiding the traps of easy credit--How to manage car payments--The dangers of using student loans for personal needs and wants--Dealing with bankruptcy--Overcoming material temptationsPlease Send Money contains useful financial tools for determining budget, net worth, cost of credit, and safe debt levels. It's a book that no young adult should be without.