How to Build Wealth

Learn How to Build Wealth!How to Build Wealth will...* Explain HOW to start from the bottom* Describe HOW to cut costs and control your expenses* Detail the relationship between your emotions and money* Outline a safe and effective wealth building process* Provide unconventional ways to accelerate* Explain rarely discussed methods and behaviors* Show HOW the process works in the real world* Help you to make the best financial decisions* Give you wisdom to instruct your children and your grandchildren* Help to protect you from devastating mistakes* Actually show you HOW to build wealth* Apply to YOUR life, TODAY!This book is all substance. It contains no filler. It makes no empty promises. You do not need to know the mayor, you do not need an MBA, and you do not have to set aside your convictions. If you want to know HOW to Build Wealth, you want this book!