Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow: Discovering Your Right Livelihood

No More Monday Morning Blues...You're about to be liberated! Here is the book you've been waiting for-a-step-by-step guide to finding the "work" that expresses and fulfills your needs, talents, and passions. Using dozens of real-life examples, Marsha Sinetar shows you how to overcome your fears, take the little risks that make big risks possible, and become a person whose work means self-expression, growth, and love!Discover how to:Tune into your inner world and your unique talentsEvaluate and build your self-esteem--the three key questions to ask yourselfBanish your outmoded network of "shoulds "Deal with the Big R--resistanceLiberate yourself from an unfulfilling job...and much more!Discover how to tune in to your inner world and your unique talents; evaluate and build your self-esteem, banish your out-moded network of "shoulds" and liberate yourself from an unfulfilling job with this step-by-step guide to finding work that satisfies your passions. -->